billing policies

AJK‘s Martial Arts & Fitness Center bills on a monthly basis (September - June). Special “quarterly” billing packages are available for regular classes, tournament training, sparring, O.S.S., B.B.C. and summer sessions. Contact Kirsten Kinowski with your billing questions.


  • AJK’s Martial Arts and Fitness Center, Inc. bills on or near the 10th of each month. Billing is completed with a 21 day term and will always be due on the 1st of each month.
  • AJK’s Martial Arts and Fitness Center, Inc. bills a month ahead. For example an invoice received by the customer on March 12th will be due on April 1st. That invoice will be for April’s classes. (Other account charges may apply).
  • AJK’s Martial Arts and Fitness Center, Inc. will charge a late fee of $30 to any account whose payment has not posted by the 4th day after payment was due (this is typically the 5th of the month). Please contact Kirsten Kinowski at 949-394-0410 or send your inquiry via email to if you have concerns regarding your account.
  • Please note that one week of classes in September will be included in October’s tuition. One week of classes offered in June will be included in May’s tuition. You can find reminders about this policy in August and April’s issues of “The Sidekick”.

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