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How Do I Use This Form?
  1. Select the Pro-Shop Product List to review;
  2. Fill in this online form with your contact information and product you'd like to purchase;
  3. Use the "Print This Document!" button below to print your order request;
  4. FAX this request form to Kirsten Kinowski at 714.847.7835;
  5. Mail your a copy of your printed request with a check made payable to: AJK's Martial Arts and Fitness Center, Inc. OR simply AJK's, 4475 Sea Harbour Dr, Huntington Beach CA 92649-3152.
    OR – hand your check to Mr. Kinowski at any TKD class;
  6. Orders will be processed when your check is received;
  7. A delivery date will be confirmed via email (or phone if you don't supply an email address);
  8. Product will be delivered to the student at class.

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Order Form
Item Qty Size Color Cost Select
  Custom Photo Albums
   & Key Chains
Large Album n/a n/a $75
Small Album n/a n/a $35
Key Chain n/a n/a $7
Shipping n/a n/a $5/item
Customization n/a n/a $10 & up
  Bold Look Uniforms          
000-00 White $25
0-1 White $30
2-3 White $35
4 & up White $45
  Bold Look Pants $22
  AJK’s Martial Arts and Fitness Center, Inc. Logo Shirts          
T-Shirts White $18
Sweatshirt White $28
Hooded Sweatshirt White $35
  Uniform Patches        
Taekwondo N/A N/A $4
Dragon N/A N/A $5
S.T.O.R.M. N/A N/A $5
S.T.O.R.M. Bar N/A N/A $3
  TKD Equipment        
Sparring Gear¹ N/A $125
Double Target (Large) N/A N/A $30
Double Target (LG) N/A N/A $30
Nunchaku w/chain N/A N/A $22
Shoes² $40
¹ "Sparring Gear" Includes (1 each): helmet, chest protector, forearm guards, shin insteps, mouth guard and tray, and groin cup.
² Please note childrens, mens or womens shoes size. Ex: "Ch-11" for "child's size 11"; "M-12" for "men's size 12"; etc.