As a general rule, testing will be held on a quarterly basis. You will be notified ahead of time if your child is going to test.

In an effort to maintain the quality of each student's training, those with a rank of green belt or higher are expected to complete a minimum of 8 hours of sparring to test for the next belt level.

testing requirements

  • Students will be notified approximately 1 week before testing if they are being asked to participate.
  • In order to test, students must meet the following requirements:
    • Account must be current
    • Current belt level must be clearly understood and executed satisfactorily
    • Green belts and higher must have completed at least 8 hours of sparring since last test date (refer to Quarterly calendar for sparring dates and times)
  • Students who wish to test, should plan to test on the date listed in the Quarterly Calendar. Private make-up tests will ONLY be considered IF:
    • A student becomes ill or injured just before their test (Please note private tests will NOT be administered for the rank of Black Belt)
    • There is an unavoidable conflict or emergency (AJK's Martial Arts and Fitness Center, Inc. reserves the right to determine what types of incidents fall into this category)
  • Breaking requirements for advanced belts are as follows:
  • Hi-Yellow to Green 1 board hammer strike ONLY
    Hi-Green to Blue 1 board axe kick, sidekick, OR elbow strike
    Hi-Blue to Red 1 board turning axe kick, turning jump roundhouse kick, OR turning sidekick
    Hi-Red to Rec. Black 2 boards 1 kicking technique: flying sidekick, jump back kick, turning hook kick, jumping turning hook kick
    1 hand technique: elbow strike, punch, ridge hand, OR knife hand

Please contact us at 949-394-0410, or email us at kirsten@ajkstkd.com with questions.


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