As a general rule, testing will be held on a quarterly basis. You will be notified ahead of time if your child is going to test.

In an effort to maintain the quality of each student's training, those with a rank of green belt or higher are expected to complete a minimum of 8 hours of sparring to test for the next belt level. Students will be accountable for accumulating these hours before we allow them to test.

testing fees

  (Effective September 1, 2007)

Due by each testing date.

  • Fees will be assessed as follows:
  • White to Yellow N/C - Included
    Yellow to Hi-Yellow $30
    Hi-Yellow to Green $40
    Green to Hi-Green $60
    Hi-Green to Blue $60
    Blue to Hi-Blue $60
    Hi-Blue to Red $80
    Red to Hi-Red $80
    Recommended Black Belt
  • For families with more than one student enrolled, a discount of 10% will be taken off of the second child's fee. A discount of 20% will be taken off the third child's fee.

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